Food & Wine

The South of Piedmont has a net of trade routes which have linked it to Liguria region for centuries. These routes used to be travelled by soldiers, pilgrims and merchants, and contributed to the development of the little villages of the area. The main trades concerned wine, cereals, oil, salt and spices – the ingredients of our tradition.

This Italian little corner has a deeply rooted viticulture and wine tradition, as the enchanting vineyard landscape can testify. Barbera, Moscato and Brachetto are only a few of the many grape varieties grown around our town.

This place is also renown in gastronomic terms. During your stay you will discover our traditional delicacies such as filetto baciato di Ponzone – a typical cured meat only made in the area around Acqui Terme –, or lard, tajarin pasta with porcini sauce, ravioli al plin, the PGI hazelnut of Piedmont, amaretti sweets, or Acquesi al Rum, the PGI “Robiola di Roccaverano” – our traditional goat milk cheese –, and much more!

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