Acqui Terme Spa

Thermal water is the main distinctive element of our town. Acqui Terme’s origins date back to the Ancient Romans. At that time, the town was already renown as an important spa, thanks to its natural thermal springs – one of the richest in therapeutic properties in Italy.

Steaming hot waters, mainly rich in sulfur, sodium chloride, iodine and bromine spring from two main sources. One is called “La Bollente” (i. e. boiling) and it’s situated in the very centre of the town. The water there springs at a temperature of 75°C. The other one is called “Lago delle Sorgenti” and it is situated in the ancient thermal neighborhood of the town, across the river Bormida, where the water springs at 50°C.

Leave your stressful routine behind. Let the warmth of the waters soothe and refresh your mind and body.

Spa treatments can also be employed to cure acute or chronicle diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatisms, breathing apparatus or gynecological problems.

For further information, please visit Acqui Terme Spa website.

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